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PayGuard® Phone Payments

Take card payments over the phone easily, set up recurring payments in minutes, and comply with regulations such as the PCI DSS and the GDPR.

How Fusion Helps

Key challenges we help to solve

The list of challenges faced by businesses taking phone payments continues to grow. We help organisations, big and small, meet these challenges quickly and easily.

PCI Compliance

PayGuard® removes your organisation from the scope of the PCI DSS, meaning your annual compliance process is handed to you on a plate!

Agent Security

PayGuard® helps you to protect your staff are protected from fraudsters and criminals incentivising or coercing them to provide sensitive payment card information.

 Customer Experience

PayGuard® allows your staff to talk to your customers throughout the payment process, making it a great experience for your customers. It easy to use for staff too.


Supported by an outstanding team of engineers and communication technology professionals, PayGuard® is an award winning application ideal for your business.

Short Video Introduction

Why not take a look at our short explainer video or request a live demo to see the simplicity of taking a telephone card payment with PayGuard® for yourself.

Giving you peace of mind

From increasing your customers' security to improving the customer experience, from reducing your risk and speeding up your admin, the value of PayGuard® is clear:

No More PCI Worries

Built from the ground up with PCI DSS compliance in mind, PayGuard® removes your network, your phone system and your staff from scope.

Improved CX

PayGuard®'s customer-centric design means that your callers' experience making a payment or receiving a refund is more streamlined and more secure.

Better Efficiency

Choosing PayGuard®  for your business or contact centre reduces your administration and speeds up the payment process, especially for future and recurring payments.

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